Irish Lettuce, Pea, and Potato Soup

          I never really think about lettuce having flavor.  Texture, maybe, but not taste in its own right.  It seems more like a neutral backdrop, a matrix upon which other, more vibrant flavors can be added.  This assumption of mine would be wrong, it turns out.           When I first saw this recipe by Coleman Andrews, I thought of spring.  Read entire post

Curried Pasta and Potatoes

          This is most excellent comfort food.  Warm, rich, hearty, and fragrant.  I love watching Paulo as he breathes in the aroma and takes a first bite.  His sheer pleasure and contentment are lovely to behold.  Warm though this dish may be, we love making it even in August.  Wonderful, fresh vegetables abound at the local market.  Curries are always Read entire post

Creamy Potato Soup with Red Chard

          First, I wish to thank all of my readers who have e-mailed me, wondering about my absence from this site.   Acquiring internet access in the mountains has been neither easy nor particularly inexpensive, but I now have it and am thrilled to resume posting.           Cooking in the mountains is a bit different from cooking in the lowlands.  Rice, Read entire post

Quinoa with Creamed Spinach and Spicy Beans

         First, a word about the photograph.  This part of Colorado has been receiving a considerable amount of snow in the last few weeks, which we absolutely adore.  The area seems like our own personal winter wonderland.  I wanted to show you a partial view from one of the windows, and Paulo kindly agreed to hold the Read entire post

Sikil P'ak (Pepita Salsa)

          Before I begin, I would like on this holiday to express gratitude and thanks to all of our military veterans, both present and long past, for their service.  Whether a war/conflict is justified or not, it is the troops who bear the brunt of a many-faceted sacrifice that most of us will never begin to comprehend.  Vaya con Dios Read entire post

Oct 072012
Mushroom Stroganoff

           Human beings are fickle creatures.  A little ol’ change in weather instantly alters a person’s cravings.  Last week, I wanted nothing more than a lovely iced tea, then suddenly the weather turned cold and gray, and I found myself desiring a bubbling, thick stew.  Its fragrant steam rising and warming the face.  Since I’ve been eliminating both meat and Read entire post

Fragrant Tomato Laksa

          I must say, I love August.  Not for the heat.  Not for the humidity.  Not for the dried, brittle grass that crunches underfoot.  Nope, I love August for one wonderful reason.  Tomatoes.  Gorgeous, plump fruits that smell of sunshine.  Fat, juicy orbs of pure luscious goodness.  I am not, of course, talking about tomatoes found in grocery stores, not Read entire post

Pork Braised with Wine, Cinnamon, and Olives

         This will be my last stew of the season.  The weather is becoming progressively warmer.  The sun shines brighter and longer.  Thoughts turn to lighter, cooler, simpler fare.  And yet even as I write that, even as I commit the thought to (virtual) paper, I’m probably ensuring that I’ll make at least one more stew before summer.  Just to Read entire post

Apr 072012
Sweet Pepper Curry

          This is a lightening fast post for a lightening fast curry.  Now that spring is here, Paulo and I have been working diligently on the yard and the house, getting them both into good order for the coming summer.  With little spare time, we want to eat good meals, as always, but meals that can be made quickly and Read entire post

Coconut Green Bean Curry

           This is the first time in 2012 we’ve been able to eat dinner out on the patio!  Happy spring evening.  The sun slanted low but bright on the horizon (as you can see in the photo).  Laughter from playing children drifted across the yard.  Lawn mowers hummed in the distance.  The scents of freshness, newness, of verdant growth suffused Read entire post

Lemony Smoked Vegetable Soup

          This soup, like Instant Ribollita and Spaghetti with Tuna, Mushrooms, and Olives, is more of a guideline than a recipe.  A suggestion of how to transform the odds and ends you already have in your kitchen into a fantastic meal, quickly and easily.  It has endless variations, myriad possibilities, all lurking within your veggie bins, waiting to be discovered. Read entire post

Smoky Collard Greens

          Let me tell you about one of my all-time favorite meals.  It goes, oh so wonderfully, something like this.  Cajun-fried catfish, crisp yet meltingly tender with an edge of fragrant heat.  Candied yams, sweet and savory, gilded with clover honey.  Mac n’ cheese, rich, creamy, subtle yet intense, its surface caramelized to a layer tastier than candy.  And collard Read entire post

Curried Sweet Potato Peanut Soup

          This soup is my ideal kind of recipe.  So richly luxurious in taste and texture, but in actuality made from frightfully healthful substances.  Tasting as if it had simmered for hours, yet quick and easy to make on the spur of the moment, from seemingly mundane ingredients that always inhabit my cupboards.  Fantastic when first cooked, but just as Read entire post

Creamy Spinach and Leek Soup

          This is a great big bowl of smooth green freshness.  Half an hour from start to finish, and you will have before you a soup that is perfect whatever the season.  Hot in winter, chilled in summer, or room temperature anytime, preferably consumed with big hunks of bread.           I’ve been making this soup for years.  It combines two Read entire post

Split Pea Hambone Soup

            Does one have to be genetically programmed, or perhaps imbued with ancestral memory, to truly appreciate a bowl of split pea soup?  I have been pondering this highly philosophical question recently, for this reason.  Many people who grew up eating split pea soup absolutely adore it, as I do.  For us, it is a most richly comforting soup to consume on coldly blustering days.  Read entire post

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