Lemon White Chocolate Mousse

           Chocolate, the darker the better, has always been one of my favorite indulgences.  Whether eaten by itself in chunks, or used to create a decadent dessert, it is always wonderful, any time of day or night, without exception.  In the past years, however, I have found myself exploring desserts that are more subtle, whose flavors taste at first like Read entire post

Jan 262011

          Asian food of any kind is wonderful, whether it be the subtle delicacy of Vietnamese, the rich boldness of Korean, the spicy perfection of Malaysian, the many and varied cuisines grouped under the label Chinese, or any of the other lovely cooking traditions found throughout the great continent.  But of them all, and I do adore each and every one, Thai food ranks Read entire post

Jan 192011
Creamy Ricotta

       Cheese is one of the most luscious substances on the planet.  Be it a tangy goat cheese, a pungent bleu, an extra sharp cheddar that clings richly to the palate, or any of a hundred other exquisite varieties, I will consume it with pleasure, the more complexly flavored the better.  But this cheese, so deceptively mild and demure, Read entire post

Onion and Pomegranate Salad

              I adapted this lovely and fresh salad from a recipe provided by the incomparable team of Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford, who acquired it from indigenous cooks during travels through Central Asia.  Salting the onions intensifies their sweetness, while adding a hint of pickled tang.  Pepper flakes provide a touch of heat, the pomegranate seeds a sweet and sour crunch, Read entire post

Spaghetti with Harissa, Spinach, and Olives

           My favorite spaghetti is wonderful on a cold day such as this, when the snow is falling and the temperature is dropping, and the sky is a misty shade of gray that reflects brightly on the blanketed ground.  What can I say about this recipe?  It is ridiculously quick and easy, needing only moments longer than the pasta takes to boil.  It has a lovely contrast Read entire post

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