Cod Baked with Potatoes, Lemon, and Tomatoes

          Cooking is an ever-evolving art.  Techniques, ingredients, implements, and overarching philosophies all shift and change over time, often for the better, though not without exception.  Read any cookbook more than a decade or so old, and you will experience exactly what I mean.  Many recipes, as well as foodstuffs themselves, quickly become dated, fixing them within a quickly identifiable time period.           It Read entire post

Perfect Jasmine Rice, with Kimchi

          I have always loved rice.  When I was a kid, my mom made good old Uncle Ben’s.  For many years I had no idea that any other rice existed, except for the comparatively sticky and starchy rice that Chinese restaurants served, which was fascinating in its own right for its seemingly exotic texture.  Then, around the age of twelve, Read entire post

Feb 202011
Naked Guacamole

          Flavors.  Textures.  Temperatures.  Cooking is all about these.  Combining complementary and contrasting elements, layering, highlighting, and accenting, all executed in a subtly deft way to create a dish that (hopefully) seems an inevitable work of nature.  That is the fun of cooking, the art that elevates the science to realms sublime.  Endless combinations have been discovered, endless combinations yet wait to be found. Read entire post

Southwestern Chicken Soup with Lime

          It is February.  The sky is gray, recent snow blankets the ground, and a sharp wind penetrates clothing and chills to the bone.  At a time like this, after shoveling snow from the driveway and front steps, I prefer to remain indoors and cook a big pot of soup.  Steaming soup, fragrant soup, redolent of spices, and filled with chunks Read entire post

Creamed Leeks with Mushrooms, Lemon, and Wine

          Leeks are one of those deceptive ingredients.  They seem rather innocuous, somewhat pale and even bland, the sort of vegetable that is easily overlooked at the produce stand amidst its more colorful neighbors.  Purple beets, scarlet peppers, golden squash, and lettuces in every shade of green, why purchase leeks when any of these others are available?  So it would Read entire post

Vegetable and Chickpea Curry

          Curries of any kind make me very happy.  Whether they be made with the fragrant curry powders of southern Asia, the freshly ground curry pastes of southeast Asia, or any of the other wonderful curry bases found on that side of the world, they are all delicious, each and every one.  They have such a layered warmth of flavor, both Read entire post

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