Bengali Spiced Cabbage

          This is the type of food that makes me happy.  Take a few homely veggies (potatoes, cabbage, and tomatoes), throw in a few spices, simmer for a bit, and suddenly, like an emerging butterfly, a thing of beauty appears.  (I am in a spring simile kind of mood.)  Tasty and nutritious food need not cost much, nor take long to Read entire post

Pistachio Almond Cake with Lemon Icing

            I am all about eating healthfully.  Most of the time.  But sometimes, once in a long while I assure you, the sweet tooth starts demanding tasty treats.  And if I’m going to splurge, it’s going to be with something divine.  Not with a piece of industrial layer cake frosted with gritty sugar paste at an office birthday party, not with Read entire post

Cajun Seasoning Blend

          Cajun seasoning is by far my favorite spice blend.  I love many blends, from numerous cultures, garam masala, five spice, and Ras al Hanout, to name a few.  But none of the others, fragrant and complex though they may be, speaks to my little soul the way that Cajun seasoning does.  The mere scent of it, upon the opening Read entire post

Spanish Chicken with Garlic

          Spring has arrived.  Some days are fragrant with verdant growth, while others bluster with gray rain.  This is the time of year to make a great stew.  Not so much because of the intermittent cold, but because very soon, maybe in a matter of weeks, when warm weather has settled in to stay, a hot, steaming, bubbling concoction of Read entire post

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