Tunisian Chickpea Soup

          This recipe makes me giggle.  Literally.  Me, giggling in the kitchen, as Paulo walks in, knowing that I am yet again up to something.  In this case, it is a soup that is so simple to make that the lovely result is almost inexplicable.  That is the first reason it makes me happy, but there are others.  To begin, this soup, Read entire post

May 272011
Thai Mango Noodles

           I read recipes.  Many of them.  Nearly every day.  To me they are as alluring as a good suspense novel, though I can’t explain exactly why.  Perhaps it is the pleasure of visualizing a dish from black and white words, or maybe it is the latent potentiality of tastiness inherent in a mere slip of paper.  Whatever the reason, I am compelled, Read entire post

Spring Peas with Nestled Eggs

          Spring peas make me happy.  Bright, crisp, and fragrant with new growth, they seem merry little harbingers of all the lovely vegetables that will ripen throughout the summer.  I have made countless recipes using peas, more than I possibly could remember.  This recipe, however,  is my latest discovery.           It seems such a modern recipe, suiting evolving sensibilities.  A few Read entire post

Tomato Braised Fennel with Olives

          What to do with fennel?  That is the question that perplexed me as I viewed the plump bulbs in the grocery store, their pale ivory color intensifying up into a grassy green along the stalks and wispy fronds.  A lovely spring vegetable, delicate in flavor, crisp in texture, its hint of anise flavor always (and forever more) reminds me of black jelly beans at Read entire post

May 072011
Dirty Rice

          Dirty rice isn’t pretty, but it sure tastes good.  I have been making dirty rice for more years than I can remember, have tried countless recipes, and eventually concocted this one as my own version of the traditional dish.  I’m guessing that every cook in the fine state of Louisiana has his or her own version, many of them Read entire post

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