Sep 292011
Faux Pho

           We love pho.  There is little better than this big bowl of broth and noodles.  Fragrant, steaming, and spicy, accented with the tang of lime, the heat of jalapeno, the herbal burst of basil and cilantro, all underscored with the heady punch of Sriracha, pho is happy, messy goodness.  Soup, yes, but almost performance art as well.  We spend several Read entire post

Spinach and Coconut Dal

          I was in the mood for a curry.  A luscious, beautiful curry bursting with flavor and color, and with just enough heat to faintly sear the edge of the lips.  A book by the inimitable Simon Hopkinson suggested a recipe that seemed to fit the requirements perfectly.  Spices, jeweled vegetables, and subtle red lentils, all bound together by the creaminess of coconut milk, and offset Read entire post

Sep 112011

          Mouhammara is lusciously good.  It is so easy to make that it can be prepared on the spur of the moment, and so healthful that you can do so without hesitation.  A very old spread with no precisely dated origin, mouhammara has more variations than I could begin to relay.  After trying quite a few of them, I concocted this version and have Read entire post

Chicken Tagine with Peas and Tomatoes

           Fall is not yet here, but the scent of it freshens the evening air as the sun drops below the horizon, turning my thoughts for the first time in many months to stew.  But not a thick, heavy stew.  No, not as summer still stretches through the daylight hours, not as the distant buzz of lawn mowers still arises at dusk as fireflies come out to play.  Read entire post

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