Eggs Stuffed with Olives and Peppers

          When it comes to stuffed eggs, I’ve always been a purist.  Mash the yolk with a little mayonnaise, a hint of salt and pepper, and maybe, maybe, add a dusting of paprika or cayenne over top to lend a hint of color.  Stuffed eggs have never seemed to require any further embellishment.  Eaten as is, they are perfect.  The Read entire post

Creamed Irish Cabbage, with Salmon

          It is 16oF outside, wind blows through bare branches, while a murky gray sky looms overhead.  Dead leaves skitter across dried brown grass.  Time for comfort food!  But not just any comfort food.  Paulo and I are hungry, now, and as much as we love our slow-cooking, long-simmering, bubbling-on-the-stove-all-day kind of meals, sometimes we want a warmly delicious dish Read entire post

Split Pea Hambone Soup

            Does one have to be genetically programmed, or perhaps imbued with ancestral memory, to truly appreciate a bowl of split pea soup?  I have been pondering this highly philosophical question recently, for this reason.  Many people who grew up eating split pea soup absolutely adore it, as I do.  For us, it is a most richly comforting soup to consume on coldly blustering days.  Read entire post

Olive and Cheese Tapa

           Some food items seem bland, even boring.  Not the kind of comestibles a person reaches for when she wishes to nibble on something delicious.  Cottage cheese always has been one of those foods for me.  Not bad by any means, but not particularly yummy either.  Nearly a non-entity that makes essentially no impression.  But then….  Then I threw together this tapa with Read entire post

Spiced Orange Pecans

          First, I want to wish you all a very happy New Year!!  The day is a bit chilly here, but the sun shines high in a clear blue sky, while the crisp air scented with wood smoke seems alive with possibility.  A lovely beginning to 2012.  Second, I want to convey how thrilled I am that my website host finally has fixed Read entire post

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