Spiced Wheat Berry Snack

          My word, this is a fun little recipe.  I’ve been reading about food and cooking for many, many years, and am always thrilled to discover at this late date an entirely new (to me) way of preparing a standard ingredient.  Wheat berries.  Plump little nuggets of goodness.  Love them in salads.  Love them as savory sides.  Love them each Read entire post

Oct 252012
Mango Avocado Salad

          This salad is one last little luscious taste of summer.  One final bowl of tropical freshness as autumn intensifies beyond the windows.  Outside, the trees are brightening into their jeweled colors (as shown by the citrine aspen leaves in the photo).  The breezes, though still lovely, contain as much coolness as warmth.  Last weekend, Paulo retrieved the crock pot Read entire post

Salsa de Albanil  (Avocado with Salsa Verde)

         This is exactly what I want to eat.  Gorgeous food.  Luscious food.  Quick and easy to prepare.  So freakin’ delicious, yet so ridiculously healthful.  Can’t imagine a better combination than that.  Avocados, as I’ve mentioned previously, are one of my most favorite foods.  Perfection all by themselves.  Buttery smooth green goodness.  For the longest time I Read entire post

Oct 072012
Mushroom Stroganoff

           Human beings are fickle creatures.  A little ol’ change in weather instantly alters a person’s cravings.  Last week, I wanted nothing more than a lovely iced tea, then suddenly the weather turned cold and gray, and I found myself desiring a bubbling, thick stew.  Its fragrant steam rising and warming the face.  Since I’ve been eliminating both meat and Read entire post

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