The following are questions that I have received over time, and whose answers I thought might be of general interest.  Please e-mail me at amy@currylime.com if you have additional inquiries.

Do you create all of the recipes on the site?

          I create many of the recipes from scratch, but others are due to the kind generosity of other cooks.  If I use an exact recipe from another person or source, or if I alter that recipe to some degree but without making significant changes, I attribute the recipe to that person or source within the post.  If I use several somewhat similar recipes to prepare one dish, thereby creating a unique amalgamation, I tend not to name the multiple sources.  Another category of recipes must be mentioned as well.  Over many years, I have collected countless recipes, copying them onto little notecards for future reference.  The source of each of those recipes, I usually don’t remember and didn’t jot down (never anticipating that I would create this website in the future).  So for those borrowed recipes with no attribution, I simply send out a heartfelt thanks to those anonymous cooks.

Who takes the photos?

          I do, unless otherwise noted.  I find that photographing beautiful food is nearly as much fun as making it (though not nearly as much fun as eating it).

Why is CurryLime the name of your site?

          Curry and lime are my two most favorite flavors in cooking, which is saying something considering how many hundreds of flavors I adore.  But these two, I could not do without.  And I like the way the combination sounds.

How do you manage to eat all of the food that you make?

          A very good question, especially considering that only about one in five recipes that I prepare ever appears on the site.  First, I often make half-recipes.  Second, Paulo, who is extremely active and fit, requires copious quantities of tasty fuel.  Third, sharing food with others is always a pleasure.  And fourth, I love to eat.

What is Paulo’s last name?

          Paulo, preferring to be a mysterious though benign presence in the internet world, withholds his last name.

Can I borrow a photograph from your website to use elsewhere?

        Thank you for the kind thought, but the entire contents of CurryLime.com are copyrighted, including the photos.  If you wish to use a photo, please e-mail me to request written permission first.  Many thanks!

Do you make a lot of money from this site?

          Nope.  Not a penny.  This is a labor of love.  I adore cooking, and wish to share my tasty finds with others.

Does Paulo know how to cook?

          Paulo is a wonderful and intuitive cook.  He once worked in the kitchen of a traditional French restaurant, but now specializes in such goodies as fish and chips, grilled beast, stews, chili, shepherd’s pie, and a variety of decadent breakfast treats.  I am very lucky!

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